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PTE Speaking Repeat Sentence: Tips & Strategies

By editor CD On August 2, 2019 in Speaking, Study Plans, Miscellaneous

PTE Speaking Repeat Sentence: Tips & Strategies

1. Introduction to PTE Speaking Repeat Sentence

Let’s first understand the basics of Repeat Sentence:

  • Speaking Question Types Order: Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, Retell Lecture, and Answer Short Question
  • Number of questions: 10 to 12 questions
  • Scoring: Repeat Sentence question type contributes to both PTE Speaking and PTE Listening sections
  • Scoring Criteria: Content (3), Oral Fluency (5), Pronunciation (5) – 13 points per Repeat Sentence
  • Negative marking: No
  • User Interface Workflow: 3 seconds before the audio starts  Microphone opens up 1 second after the audio ends You will have 15 seconds to complete your response.

2. Repeat Sentence: Tips & Tricks

There are only a few seconds before which the audio will start playing. In these few seconds make sure to focus yourself on listening. When the audio starts try to remember the sentence, words in it and the meaning conveyed. It can occasionally help to take some notes, especially for longer sentences. But note taking should not be at the cost of understanding the sentence.

We also recommend our students to try to remember the sentence visually. That is, paint a picture in your mind corresponding to what you have just heard.

Once the audio ends, the microphone will open up. You should then try to repeat the sentence as correctly as possible. There is no time to think, remember or check yourself. The right approach is to give it your best shot right away. Even if you feel you have made a mistake, forgotten a word or mispronounced a word for example, just keep moving.

You will be judged on your pronunciation and fluency. If you think too much or if you haven’t practiced your vocabulary or English speaking skills beforehand, it will reflect in your pronunciation and fluency.

Listening to simple short sentences and repeating them is an easy task if you put in sufficient practice hours before exam. Follow the below tips and tricks for getting a high score:

2.1 Focus on the meaning

If you understand the meaning you will be able to repeat the sentence much more accurately. Trying to remember each and every word on the other hand can become quite burdensome and difficult.

2.2 Don’t mimic the speaker

Don’t try to mimic the speaker. You should try to understand the tone and bring about the same expression in your voice. For instance, if the speaker is emphasizing on a point or a word, you can also put stress on it. But if you try to copy the accent, each and every up and down in the speaker’s voice, you will just get confused.

2.3 Memorize visually

Try to visualize when you hear! Draw a mental snapshot and when you repeat, look at that snapshot. This along with a few note takings is the best way to remember the whole sentence.

2.4 Abbreviate the sentence

We don’t recommend this as the preferred method but for some test takers who find it difficult to understand or remember the sentence, this might be the only practical option. In this approach you try to write down the first letter of each word or the first few letters of each words. When you speak you will look at this short form and use it to reproduce the complete sentence.

2.5 Brush up your vocabulary

Go through the Academic word list and make sure you are familiar with the words that are most likely to appear in an exam like PTE. Knowing the words means you will easily recognize and remember them when you hear a sentence.

2.6 Get used to listening English audio

If you do not work or study in an English speaking environment or are new to it, you must get used to listening and speaking English in the days before your PTE Exam. Check out a resource such as TED Talks.

3. Techniques to repeat the text

You can follow any of the 3 methods below:

PTE Repeat Sentence Strategy #1: Close your eyes, listen, and repeat along with the speaker in your mind. Once the speaker completed, quickly recap once in a second before the recording starts.

PTE Repeat Sentence Strategy #2: Write first half of the sentence and remember the second half.

PTE Repeat Sentence Strategy #3: Write first letter of each word, but this method didn’t work for many people. Practice!

PTE Repeat Sentence Strategy #4: For long sentences, split the sentence into 3 phrases, try to understand the meaning. If you don’t remember the entire sentence, then speak whatever you remember without interruptions.

PTE Repeat Sentence Strategy #5: If you remember only 2 or 3 words alone, frame the sentence like

“The repeat sentence is all about word1, word2 and word3”.

Again this is only if you don’t capture many words, and at least we can maintain it as a sentence. Although the irrelevant words don’t carry any marks for content, we will get it for pronunciation and fluency.

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